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• Designed for ease of fit and maximum mask stability

•  Does not shift even during active sleep

•  Eliminates mask air escape

• Gently supports the chin to prevent mouth breathing

• Can be worn comfortably for an unlimited duration

  • FDA APPROVED - The MOST INNOVATIVE MASK SYSTEM AVAILABLE - What the industry has been waiting years for!
  • The Only FDA APPROVED standalone CPAP Headgear that does not have to be sold with a face mask!

  • Seamless one-piece design with new integrated chin strap

  • SLUMBERGEAR® headgear is a revolutionary new accessory that offers safe, uninterrupted sleep to CPAP patients.

  • The seamless one-piece design of SLUMBERGEAR® integrates all parts into the headgear including a chin portion.

  • The chin portion anchors SLUMBERGEAR® to help provide a perfectly balanced 4-point headgear and mask securement system with the added bonus of chin support.

  • 4 Different Models intended to secure most “on the face” respiratory devices.

    Ask your Physician, Sleep Therapist or your Home Medical Provider for more information about the full product line of SLUMBERGEAR® .